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Even if the lint trap is regularly cleaned, some of the lint generally escapes the lint trap, building up in the duct decreasing the efficiency of dryer vent. Not only that, it can also give rise to fire hazard and if it gets clogged, the moisture would fail to exit the home causing mildew in it.

So, put in other words, dryer vent cleaning can help lower your energy bills, prevent house fires and help reduce the moisture in the house—all of which make dryer vent cleaning a near compulsory investment!

Though house fire is the worst case scenario of a messy dryer vent, like any other appliance left unattended, the dryer duct also loses its efficiency if not properly cleaned for long. The importance of cleaning the dryer vent is obviously crucial in terms of safety; however, the benefits it provides apart from that are also undeniable: cutting costs and increasing energy efficiency among several other things.

The primary method we, at Dryer Vent Cleaning Tacoma, use for dryer vent cleaning is the maintained system negative cleaning where the loose debris is vacuumed out of dryer vent. However, it may also require brushing to go with, where a brush is inserted into the duct through connection point behind dryer and this serves to loosen the lint attached to the walls of the dryer vent before it can be vacuumed. If it has been a long time since your dryer vent was last cleaned, then you have to use this method.

If your dryer stops working or requires several cycles before it can completely dry, you know you need to get your dryer vent cleaned. Similarly, some other signs that your dryer vent needs cleaning include condensation resulting in the form of severe blockage appearing on the laundry room window or lint and dust appearing inside or outside your dryer and exhaust fan in the utility room.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Tacoma WA provides the best dryer vent cleaning in Tacoma, WA. With a team of well-equipped, trained and skilled technicians who identify the problem and provide efficient and professional services for cleaning the dryer vent—we are the best you could choose.

We know how important safety, convenience and comfort of our clients is and we work to our full capacity to turn on the dryers in order to resume the air flow outwards as quickly as possible, all this while keeping in mind your desires and requirements.

We are always ready to provide you with the best dryer vent cleaning in Tacoma and we are just a phone call or an email away, you can contact us now!

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