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Crawl space has parts of all the systems which are required for the smooth running of your home; from water pipes to electrical wires, from air ducts to dryer vents all can be found in your crawl space. Like a stereotypical attic as seen in horror movies; in most houses, attics and crawl spaces are considered the dirtiest.

Paradoxically, however, crawl space and attic cleaning is extremely important because rodents and birds often seek out unsealed holes in your crawlspace to make their nest and they have to be cleared. Moreover, insulation can be dislocated or become worn and thin as a result of time or wear and tear which can result in loss of heat and hence affect your HVAC system which also means higher energy bills. The heating bill of the house increases tenfold as the heating has to work extra hard and longer to get the interior of the house warm because of improper insulation.

Rodent infestation not only damages insulation, but ducts and electrical wires too. We are here to help you with that and we claim to provide the best service for attic insulation in Tacoma, WA.

Crawl space cleaning involves bagging and removal of old insulation, removal of debris and cleaning of rodent droppings from your crawl space and attic. If you feel the need we can also upgrade the insulation on air ducts and water ducts. Moreover, we remove old vapor-barrier and install new ones, as required.

Other services of crawl space cleaning include: sanitization and deodorization of the crawl space with enzymes; we inspect air duct seals and if there is a problem with them, we would repair and reseal them. We will also search for locations from which rodents could enter into the crawl space to seal it.

Similar services are provided for attic cleaning where soiled insulation and rodent droppings are vacuumed away and all debris is removed from attic. Bird and rodent entry locations are all sealed off. We also install upgraded insulation and use enzymatic solutions to sanitize and deodorize your attic.

With technicians experienced and trained for exactly these kinds of problems, we are quick to bring forth a plan and an estimate, preventing you from doing anything that would be time consuming and potentially dangerous.

As a part of the crawl space and attic cleaning services in Tacoma, we not only clean the crawl space, but also seal the holes and the eroded part of the attic and dispose of it properly, deodorizing the area accordingly and installing new insulations.

With the services offered, a clean and safe crawlspace is guaranteed just by contacting Crawl Space and Attic Cleaning Tacoma WA any time (we are just a phone call or an email away) as our capable team is ready to make your attic look presentable and your heating system efficient in no time at all!

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